This is the site of my syllabi for MGT 461:Senior Seminar and MGT 306: Management of a Diverse Work Force. It is offered mainly to reduce the use of paper while providing as much information about the content and pedagogy of these courses as possible. This is my first stab at developing a web site and I am improving my skills as I go. Some content does not look as well presented as I want them to be but I will be working on them as I acquire more of the basic skills.


MGT 461 is the capstone course for all majors, except Economics and Finance, in the School of Management. It is offerred to students who are graduating seniors and who have completed all the courses in the Management Core and Cognates. Students are strongly urged to check their transcripts to verify that they meet the prerequisites before signing up for this course. The prerequisites are firm and I do not have the authority to override them. Students wishing to take the Senior Seminar can do so by adding it, using their passwords on RIC Website. MGT 461 offers an opportunity to integrate all that has been learnt in the previous coursework within the framework, theory and methodology of Strategic Management. It has a large simulation component which presents an opportunity to students to take over and manage a simulated firm in a competitive market environment. Students are urged to read the assigned material, shown in the course schedule, before the class meetings and review their understanding using the review questions provided in this web site. This is the pivotal requirement for best performance in this course.

MGT 461 Simulation exercise offers students an opportunity to practice what they learn in the course by strategically managing a multi-business firm that they take over. Student teams are expected to continuously scan the firm’s environment, formulate strategies and tactics both at the corporate and business level, implement their strategies and utilize effective management controls. Student simulation reports, listed in this web site, are expected to follow the outlines provided. This follows a no risk “process writing” procedure wherein the students are invited to improve their reports to perfection, based on the feedback they obtain from the professor.

MGT 461 tests knowledge of the course material in five quizes, given on the dates shown on the course schedule. There are no make-up opportunities for these tests during the semester. There will be an opportunity to make up at the end of the semester when the students can re-take as many of the quizes as they wish to improve their grades on. A recent sample of the quizes are provided in this web site.


MGT 306 Management of a Diverse Workforce is intended for students wishing to improve their understanding of the challenges and opportunities in managing an increasingly diverse workforce. This course starts off by individual introspection regarding with own and other identities. It then moves on to the business necessities of improving management of diversity and explores the main ways in which firms respond to the reality of diversity in the workforce. The third major component of this course is the differences in the national cultures and how these variations relate to management in globalized and local management in work organizations. Special attention will also be paid to the issues and challenges in management of some prominent identity groups.

This course is conducted in a lecture-discussion format. I will lead informed discussions of the assigned readings using power-point slides and other visuals. This format requires that students do the assigned readings, shown on the Course Schedule, prior to class meetings and come to class prepared for participating in the discussion. A list of questions are provided for each reading assignment to guide and assist the students in their prepeartions for the class discussions. These lists are shown in the Discussion Questions. Several cases will also be assigned, each requiring preperation of responses based on the readings done up to the point of assignment. These responses will be discussed in class.

Student performance will be evaluated by three tests and the quality of class participation. The tests use a case format wherein the case will be assigned ahead of time, along with a set of questions,as shown in Midterm Examination, to guide student preperations, and in-class written responses to the case will be done on the scheduled dates. There will be no make-up tests for reasons other than documented medical emergencies. The evaluation rubric is detailed in the Course Outline.